For nearly 50 years, Huckleberry Youth Programs has partnered with teens and families to overcome adversity. Huckleberry strengthens families and empowers young people with services that promote safety in times of crisis, physical and emotional health and well-being, social justice in communities facing inequality, and educational success. When all kids succeed, the entire community is stronger.

KPM9672Crisis Shelter – Huckleberry House

Huckleberry House (San Francisco): 24-hour crisis services and emergency shelter for high-need youth ages 11 to 17.





_kmp4956Counseling Programs

Huckleberry Youth Programs offers family and individual therapy as well as case management, groups, drug and alcohol counseling, and behavioral health classes.






Support for Trafficked Youth

The Huckleberry Advocacy & Response Team (HART), works in collaboration with Children’s Protective Services, SFPD, the District Attorney, and the Probation Department, to provide immediate crisis intervention and case management services for trafficked youth.




Huckleberry Health Care & Health Education

With our medical partners, the San Francisco Department of Public Health and Marin Community Clinics, Huckleberry provides comprehensive, age-appropriate, and linguistically and culturally-sensitive healthcare to youth and young adults. Huckleberry is also the leading provider of health education workshops in San Francisco and Marin schools, community-based programs, and Juvenile Hall.




Huckleberry Wellness Academies – Career Training & College Access

The Huckleberry Wellness Academies are college and career access programs, preparing first generation college students for post-secondary education. Youth join the program in their sophomore year of high school and continue in the program through their first year of college.




Juvenile Justice Diversion

The Huckleberry Community Assessment and Resource Center (CARC) is a single point of entry for crisis intervention, assessment, service integration, and referral of arrested youth.



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