Mission & History

Huckleberry’s mission is to educate, inspire, and support under served youth to develop healthy life choices, to maximize their potential, and to realize their dreams. Since 1967, we have accomplished this by providing San Francisco and Marin youth and their families with a network of services and opportunities by caring peers and adults.

For teens and their families everywhere, adolescence can be a difficult time. Many low-income youth face additional barriers, risks and pressures, making these years even more critical. Though challenging, adolescence presents a unique opportunity to change course and make choices that will lead to a more promising future. For more than 50 years, Huckleberry has partnered with teens and families to overcome adversity.

We seek to empower young people to develop and maintain healthy relationships as well as promote their talents, ideas, leadership and health; to assist youth and their families in overcoming the obstacles they may encounter, which can include family concerns, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health challenges, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, violence, social and economic inequities, and physical and sexual abuse; and to assist clients in navigating complex social welfare, educational and juvenile justice systems.

Huckleberry’s Four Service Areas:  For 50 years, Huckleberry Youth Programs has partnered with teens and families to overcome adversity. Huckleberry strengthens families and empowers young people with services that promote safety in times of crisis, physical and emotional health and well-being, social justice in communities facing inequality, and educational success. When all youth succeed, the entire community is stronger.


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