Juvenile Justice Diversion

“I just have to thank you. Since day one, you guys always have my back and support me and are always trying to help me stay strong and out of trouble. And it works.” – A Huckleberry CARC Client

Huckleberry Community Assessment and Resource Center (CARC)

The Huckleberry Community Assessment and Resource Center (CARC) is a single point of entry for crisis intervention, assessment, service integration and referral of arrested youth. Staff from juvenile probation, public health, the sheriff’s department, the police department, and community-based organizations work together in the same space to assess and case manage youth who are arrested for a variety of offenses, both felony and misdemeanor.

Huckleberry CARC is a collaboration in the most unique sense of the word: a very real public/private partnership that is paving the way for a new process to provide adolescents who have made mistakes with guidance and support. The program serves young people ages 11 – 17.

Youth are brought to Huckleberry CARC in police custody. Once at the Huckleberry CARC, the youth meet with a probation officer for intake; a licensed psychology technician to identify any physical or mental health crisis; and a case manager, who conducts a voluntary assessment. Huckleberry CARC staff develops a case plan. Youth and their families leave with a new sense of support, opportunity and hope.

Case managers have successfully worked with youth to reintegrate them into their schools, arrange for special educational services, obtain mental health services, complete community service and probation requirements, and engage the youth in positive social, arts, athletic, and youth development programs.

Huckleberry CARC is open from 9 am to Midnight, Monday through Friday. For further information, please call (415) 437.2500.

The SFPD and the Juvenile Justice Coalition are proud to announce the release of the “Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco” brochure, to help educate youth and parents about their rights.   KNOW YOUR RIGHTS BROCHURE


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