Support for Trafficked Youth

Support for Trafficked Youth – The Huckleberry Advocacy & Response Team (HA&RT)

Huckleberry was asked by the city of San Francisco to take over a contract serving youth who have been or who are at high risk for exploitation. In collaboration with Children’s Protective Services, SFPD, the District Attorney, and the Probation Department, Huckleberry provides immediate crisis intervention and case management services for trafficked youth through the Huckleberry Advocacy & Response Team (HA&RT).This work involves intensive one-on-one support with youth ages 11-24. Youth are referred from within Huckleberry programs, the foster care system, probation, schools, and other community partners.

In fiscal year 2014/2015, Huckleberry served 109 youth through the Huckleberry Advocacy & Response Team (HA&RT).

Huckleberry Youth Programs currently provides specialized services for youth who are:

  • Between the ages of 11-24 years old
  • Current or history of sexual exploitation, or at high risk of sexual exploitation. (youth are sometimes known as CSEC youth, which stands for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)
  • System or non-system involved (on probation, in foster care, or not system involved)
  • Willing to participate in services

The specialized case management services for youth include support around:

  • Basic needs
  • Physical and mental health needs
  • Family support
  • School re-enrollment, attendance, and engagement
  • Employment and job training
  • Legal needs, including support around being a witness to a case
  • Completing Probation (if relevant)

Case Managers have experience working with exploited youth and are trained to respond to their unique needs. Services can be provided in a variety of locations in the community and anyone, including youth, can make a referral using this Referral Form.

Huckleberry Youth Programs also provides trainings and case consultation.

For more information about the Huckleberry Advocacy & Response Team (HA&RT), please contact Huckleberry’s Intervention Services Coordinator, Carly Devlin, MSW at



Huckleberry and the SF Human Services Agency have partnered on a public awareness campaign entitled, “Watch Out for Love With Strings.”

The campaign aims to educate former and current victims, as well as those at-risk, of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

CSEC is recognized as a form of child abuse that can often go unnoticed and untreated for extended periods before identification is made and services provided.

Foster children are particularly vulnerable, and this campaign seeks to raise awareness of potential exploitation among youth.




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