Remembering Danny Keenan – Huckleberry’s First HIV Program Director

Remembering Danny Keenan – Huckleberry’s First HIV Program Director

Danny Keenan – Huckleberry’s First HIV Program Director

In the 1980s, Huckleberry began focusing the growth of our health programming for youth. By the end of the decade, the HIV epidemic loomed large and Huckleberry began mounting its response with prevention programs for homeless and runaway youth, leading to a new era of activism and program development to address HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual health. Danny Keenan, an HIV-positive Residential Counselor at Huckleberry House, established a program to provide HIV prevention by training youth as health educators. Danny became Huckleberry’s first HIV Program Director.

REMEMBERING DANNY KEENAN – A note from Danny’s Brother, Michael
As unbelievable as it might seem, as I was reminiscing with friends about Danny, I recently learned of the existence of the “Danny Keenan Award”, the annual staff award that Huckleberry Youth Programs presents in my brother’s honor. After learning that the award existed, I started to think about my conversations with Danny towards the end of his life regarding his work at Huckleberry House.

Danny was proud of the work being done there and his contributions to the youth of San Francisco. Danny would have been thrilled to know that the organization continues to thrive and that the youth of San Francisco are being served so well. Please know that Danny’s family on the East coast supports the mission of Huckleberry Youth Programs and we will be making a donation in his memory this year and every year moving forward. You honor us by continuing to honor him.

Huckleberry Executive Director, Douglas Styles and Danny’s brother Michael, hold plaques featuring the names of the Danny Keenan Award winners.

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