Freestyle Connection Workshop


Freestyle Connection Workshop

Learn what being strong really means!

Join Movement Coach, Carl Paoli, and author of the New York Times Best Selling book, Freestyle, at Telegraph CrossFit in San Francisco on Saturday, September 23 for his 2-hour “Freestyle Connection Workshop.”

All proceeds will be donated to Huckleberry HouseReserve your seat here. Spaces are limited.

Telegraph CrossFit – 3545 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

The workshop is designed to be an exploration of movement through the Freestyle Connection framework. The seminar will help attendees set movement standards and learn to create universal progressions.




Specifically the workshop will address:
Freestyle Connection Framework- a universal language for movement
Principles of Motor Control
Pushing and Pullling
The theory of Blocking Movement

This seminar is designed to help you:
Turn on and trust your intuition about movement
Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement
Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines
Use Carl Paoli’s movement framework to create road maps for your physical success


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