I Have Somehow Been Able to Make a Life for Myself…

Homeless Pair

I Have Somehow Been Able to Make a Life for Myself…

For decades, Huckleberry has had the honor and privilege of serving Bay Area youth and families.  One of our former clients, Linelle, shares her story:

I lived at Huckleberry House for six weeks with my younger brother back in 1978. It was a hard time in my life as we left our home where the PG&E had been turned off for quite some time. I was 16 and he was 13. My mother was mentally ill and had not been able to take care of us for several years. I have only fond, warm memories of Huckleberry.

I especially appreciated meal time where we all got to chip in and help cook dinner. We had no food where I came from. I cry now as I write this. I know the pain of having nothing. Unfortunately, my younger brother died in prison last year, but I have somehow been able to make a life for myself and am now a teacher. So glad you are still there.

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