A Vision of what a Normal, Peaceful and Stable Environment Could Be

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A Vision of what a Normal, Peaceful and Stable Environment Could Be

Approximately a decade after Huckleberry House opened its doors, Johanna began running away from home to escape an abusive home environment. “I was separated from my mother when I was two and a half and raised by my abusive father. I started running away when I was about seven or eight and I found living on the street was better than being at home. I had been beaten up and even ate out of a trashcan.

Johanna eventually found solace at Huckleberry House. “I was abused my whole life and when I went to Huckleberry House, it was the end of it. After Huckleberry House I was never abused by my father again. You guys helped me find a better place to live. At 18, I got my own apartment and just really started enjoying my life.

She credits the services she received at Huckleberry House for giving her a vision of what a normal, peaceful, and stable home environment could be. “I ended up OK because even though my childhood was rough I saw another side of life.  Huckleberry House showed me what it was like to live in peace and I liked that – I loved it actually. I thought that’s the life I want and it’s the path I chose.  I really can’t thank you enough.”

Now 47, Johanna is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of her own skincare business in San Diego and, “loves every single day of my life.” She plans on donating profits to organizations like Huckleberry Youth Programs.

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