“PrEP” For Youth Q&A

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“PrEP” For Youth Q&A

Ashley Rojas, Huckleberry’s Community Health Coordinator, recently answered some very important questions about the work we do in the community.


Click on the image to watch her answer the following pressing questions:

Where is Huckleberry located?
What is H.Y.P.E.?
Who do they serve?
How has PrEP affected H.Y.P.E.?
How are youth feeling about PrEP

PrEP is now available at the Huckleberry Youth Health Center and is:

• A once-a-day pill
• An HIV prevention tool for individuals at risk for HIV
• Highly effective & can reduce the risk of HIV by more than 90%
• Safe & has few side effects

Financial assistance is available for those with or without insurance. To learn more, contact the SF Health Network PrEP Navigator at

Visit the Huckleberry Youth Health Center for more information or call 415.386.9398.

Huckleberry Youth Programs | 3310 Geary Blvd. | San Francisco, CA 94118 | (415) 668-2622