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Huckleberry Youth Programs - Marin, in collaboration with Novato Youth Center, recently began the “Transitional Aged Youth Support” or “TAYS” project.  Through TAYS, Huckleberry is enhancing our services to more accurately screen transitional aged youth (ages 16 to 25) for mental health challenges and link them to appropriate interventions and resources.

Youth can access the TAYS Project through our clinics or through TAYS Project educational outreach events.  Outreach events include workshops on stress management, recognizing depression or other serious mental illness, and alcohol and drugs and their role in stress and coping. During the workshops, participants will be informed on how to access services.

Youth identified for the TAYS Project will take part in an assessment to determine mental health or substance abuse issues.  Based upon assessments: 1) The case will be closed if no significant substance abuse or mental health concerns are further identified, 2) The client will be referred for brief intervention or 3) The client will be referred for additional support which may include further assessment (such as psychiatric or medical assessment), case management, or more intensive, long term psychotherapy or alcohol/drug treatment.  This compliments our present services by ensuring a larger number of transitional aged youth are assessed for mental health or substance use needs, and ensures more youth will be able to access the services they need.

Huckleberry Youth Programs, Larkin Street Youth Services, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health - Community Health Programs for Youth (CHPY) are creating a Multi-Service Network as a first step toward the creation of a single site Multi-Service Center.  The goal of the Network is to provide a highly coordinated referral system to ensure that vulnerable San Francisco Transition Aged Youth (TAYs) connect to existing services and make a successful transition to adulthood.
The long-term outcome of the Network is to create a single-site Multi-Service Center, but for now, youth will enter the Network at Huckleberry, Larkin, and CHPY access points located throughout the city, including CHPY’s 3rd Street Clinic in the Bayview/Hunters Point district, and CHPY’s Hawkins Village Clinic in Visitacion Valley.  Through the Network, TAYs will access a continuum of coordinated services including: Outreach, Coordinated Case Management, Housing/Shelter, Basic Needs Support, Behavioral Health Care, Health Promotion, Education and Workforce Development, Medical Services, and Youth Development and Leadership. 

The Network’s service delivery model is grounded in best practices in the youth development field: building on youths' strengths, engaging them (and their families) as partners in the delivery of services, and supporting their successful transition to adulthood.  A Multi-Service Center Youth Advisory Board has already been established by Network partners to ensure youth involvement in planning, implementation, and evaluation.  A Youth Advocate will be hired to lead the Board and to serve as the liaison between the Board and Network staff. 

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