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Huckleberry Youth Health Center in San Francisco and Huckleberry Teen Health Program in Marin, provide Health Education workshops to young people throughout middle schools and high schools and at various community-based organizations. Our curriculum has been approved by the San Francisco Unified School District and our workshops are offered free of charge to public schools and organizations serving public school students. In fiscal year 2008/2009, Huckleberry's Health Education Team conducted workshops reaching 4,139 youth in San Francisco and Marin County.

Workshop topics include: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Anti-Homophobia Workshops; HYPE (HIV/AIDS Prevention Education); Body Image; Communication About Sex and Drug Use; Contraception and Pregnancy Prevention; Diversity; Eating Disorders; Family Dynamics; Healthy Relationships; Sexual Decision-Making; Oppression Issues; Puberty; Rape and Abusive Relationships; Reproductive Anatomy; STI Prevention Education; Self-Esteem; Suicide Prevention; and Violence Prevention.

Letters pour into our clinics from teachers and students who are consistently impressed and affected in positive ways by Huckleberry's Health Education team. Here are excerpts from some of those letters:

  • A Venetia Valley K-8 School (Marin County) student said: "I believe the program is a great and effective way of teaching teens how to make healthy choices, prevent the possible negative consequences of sex (including STDs), communicate their concerns, and ask questions.
  • A Venetia Valley K-8 School (Marin County) teacher said of Community Health Coordinator Jackie Davis: "I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful to work with over the past few years. I can't tell you how much I value the work you do at Huckleberry. The 8-hour curriculum has truly developed into an amazing course under your supervision."
  • A teacher from San Rafael High School said: "The curriculum is engaging and informative. As always Jackie (Jaclynn Davis, Community Health Coordinator - Marin) you are amazing!."
  • The John O'Connell High School Wellness Team wrote: "Thank you for joining us at John O'Connell's Teen Health Fest '09. Your participation linked students to vital services and information that they might not have known otherwise."
  • Ann Darling, a teacher at Hilltop School in San Francisco said: "The HYPE Program should be mandatory for all students, 11th and 12th graders especially. Our students learned so much about HIV and AIDS.  They are sharing with other students in school, who did not take part due to their absences.  Your program builds the trust needed in the first two days to then bring in the HIV infected person without the stigma they might feel coming in cold.  The two presenters, Ramses and Jen were quick to like the students and not judgmental.
  • Counselor, Venetia Valley K-8 School (Marin County) said: I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to speak to our 8th graders about these important topics. For some of our kids, it is a lifelong lesson and a real wake up call. One of the students on my caseload went to have a full STD screening based on the information that was shared in the presentation. I was so proud of her for self advocating for her health, but also realize that she may not have done that without the extra push from you all at Huckleberry. THANK YOU.

To request a workshop from the Health Ed Team at the Huckleberry Youth Health Center in SF, please use Huckleberry's Workshop Request Form.

You can also contact our Community Health Coordinator in San Francisco, Eva Hom, at 415.386.9398 or email her at

To request a workshop from the Health Ed Team at Huckleberry Teen Health Program in Marin, please call the Director of Community Health, Jaclynn Davis at 415.258.4944 or email her at


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